fredag 1. mars 2013

Back in in my Malden ;)

Hello again :)

I'm back with an update about my filofax and I'm back in my personal Malden Vintage Pink. I have changed few things around. I apologize of the quality of these photos. I took these passed midnight :)

I saw few videos on youtube that the money was kept behind the ziped pocket. I don't know if I'm comfortable doing that because Norwegian money are little too big, I keep coins in the ziped pocket.
I still have my "old"money in the back of my information envelope. I put the article about my dad almost in the front. Mom cut out every single article that was about my dad in the newpaper. This article is from 1980 says that H. Hansen won the Spring Trophy in shooting. He got 560 point and was only 23 point away from the world record. Mom was so proud every time dad was in the newspaper.
I tossed out the FF dividers because I wanted some more personal ones. I cut scrapping papers to size and ponched holes. The pattern on this is velvet kind and it itsy bitsy bigger than ordinary dividers, but that's ok :)

Under my economics tab I wanted money pattern, but I didn't find it. So I took the sheet that had stamp on them and works too :) I still use my own economic sheets.
My third kind of divider has a pink background with black printed.... well, it looks like earrings. In the back the pattern is still the same, but in white background:) I have now 10 dividers instead of the 6 that came with my Malden:)
For this section I use it for our cats. First I have a sheet that how your cat is in human year :) And then there is info on Teodor and Tigergutt.
I don't like plain and boring papers much so I got an idea from Bree Phoenix from YouTube and she draw on hers. So I stole the idea..:)
April I draw some few small flowers
On the 17th of May is the Norwgian Constitution Day, So I drew the Norwegian flag on that month.
In June there is bees and Honey... Not happy with this since I sat in half dark and drew and colored this.
In July I drew an icecream cone and a sun :) and a sun.. in hope of it's going to be a warm and long summer ;)
Behind another "earring" tab I have my Wo2p and it is lined with time on the left side. I'm trying out to hide them with some border sticker and I think it look nice. This was better than to use correction fluid.

But my biggest changeis my food journal and I got this idea from The GLOSSette and she drew some template very similar to these.. I liked the idea, but I wasn't keen on these thin, plain papers from FF. So I made this on Excel and printed them out:)

One of my "mistake" came along when I was printing the other side. It came out up-side down and so on. That is ok, because work as well. Like GLOSSette I have 4 dayr per sheet and 4 boxes each day plus 2 boxes under/over the day, On these four boxes I have, Frokost (breakfast), Lunsj (Lunch), Middag (Dinner) and Snacks. And for these two other boxes I will try to track what I drink, I must be better to drink water and not soda and such. I printed out for a month and we will see how this is coming along.
Here is a blank one
And an addition to my food journal, I have started to plan our meals because we have a habit of do impuls shopping when it comes to dinners. I have a month on one side and shopping list on the other side:) Hope this works out :)

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  1. I love the papers you have used to make your dividers, and the pictures on your monthly pages are a good idea to add colour, without lots of different distractions all over the place. :o)

  2. Thank you so much :) I always look for inspirations to personalize my filofax.. like my goal in 2014 is not to have a single filofax paper in my binder:)