Hi:) Like I promised, here is my blog post in English and I did some changes..
So, here is my beauty of a filofax, A5 Finsbury Aqua :)

You can see it from the side and it can hold A LOT of papers, bits and bobs or what else you want to have in here. One of the things I love about this Filofax is the penloopsa nd there's TWO :) I have a ordinary pen in one and two highlighters in the other one.

 When I open my Finsbury I have my dashboard. On the left I hava the zipper pocket where I don't have much. I don't use my filofax as a wallet, but I have few cards in the cardslots. In the pocket have some stickers, a claculator for my filofax and some sticky notes and tabs.

 I have 1-6 dividers and I like these better than the A-Z dividers. When I used A-Z I Just put stickers on the alphabet and suddenly I had many new topics. It was too full and way to heavy.  Under the first divider I have just my personal informations.
Under the second divider I have some private papers and I also have my son's (Benjamin) course record and time table. Since he started in 8 th grade and it is a whole new school and a different system,this can come in handy :)
Under the third divider I have my calendars, First I have month on two pages and I think this is genius because I just write one main thing that will happend that day so I can see in one glance and have full control. If there is a day there nothing, I may doodle :)
Here is my week on two pages that came with my Domino Violet A5, I think this is my favourite daily format by Filofax. It is a glance of this week :) My boyfriend had had his 46 th birthday yesterday.. yay:) And tomorrow it is parental meeting on my son's school:) I put washi tape over "today" just to add a little more colour and make it more interesting. I have i plastic pouch that came with the hairbrush (It had informations how to use the brush on cats) I bought for my cats :)
I have a new love, Washi tape:) I mark special days in the filofax.. Like I have done here, Stig and I have been together 1 year on 8 th of February so I decorated it with red polka dot tape.. Festive and cute in no time :)
AND since it's Valentine's Day the week after I continued with this tape. One of the problems is that we don't celebrate Valentine's Day in Norway, but I liking the idea:)
Here I took Black polka dot tape just to mark it's HALLOWEEN... Here it's another surprise: We don't celebrate Halloween either:) Well, the truth is that the last 7 to 10 years it has started to come more and more to Norway. I must tell you the truth and that is : I don't like it.. Norway has its own "Halloween" and it is on 6th of November and how about make something of that day?? A little side track.. Sorry :)
Here is my 2012 in colours :)Green is money coming in, Red is work-related, Blue is when my son is with dad, orange is when there is no school, yellow is concerts and festivals. I see now that I haven't  updated it for a while.
With the fourth divider I have things I want to buy, What I want see, want read and etc.
Under the fifth divider is my lists + my 101 things to do in 1001 days
In the back I have some more stickers and some private papers:)

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